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Sound Effects Licensing Exposed: the "Royalty-Free" vs. "Buyout" Myth (1 of 10)

March 15, 2011 by PSE in Sound Effects, Sound Effects Licensing
After my last post entitled “3 Little-Known Facts About Royalty-Free Sound Effects Licensing”, we @prosoundeffects received a number of pings, calls and emails (including one attempted morse code message ;-) requesting further clarification. The one question that came up very often and I will attempt to address, simplify and expose in this post has to do with the definition of“royalty-free” vs....

3 Little-known Facts About Royalty-Free Sound Effects Licensing

February 17, 2011 by PSE in Sound Effects Licensing
At PSE, we often refer to ourselves as Next Level Licensing Specialists. I know, it's a bit Star-Trekian meets tech-geek, but when you are working with the Mothership of  Next Level sound effects libraries such as Blastwave FX, you have to be prepared to go where no man nor sound has gone before while providing the service to back it.  Over the course of our sonic journeys and client encounters,...