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The Sound Agency Scores Top Marks at 2012 Audio Branding Congress

Last Tuesday, December 11th, the Audio Branding Congress for 2012 went down in Oxford, UK. As we mentioned, it was a strong year for submissions and Pro Sound Effects couldn't have been happier to co-sponsor the event and its recognition of innovative takes on  audio branding.

The Sound Agency & BRANDsense Agency took top honors for their work with Harrods Toy Kingdom, which garnered them the grand prize of a PSE Master Library. For a look into the evening's awards, you can find a slideshow gallery of photos on the Audio Branding Academy's page. As for the top finalists, the picture ended up looking as follows:

GOLD: Harrods – Agency: The Sound Agency (UK)

SILVER: DKSH – Agency: kleiner und bold (Germany)

BRONZE: The Linde Group – Agency: amp (Germany)