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Search Software Review: Why this Sound Designer Loves Search

Take an inside look at the features of Search to learn how it will enhance and inspire your sound effects library workflow for audio post production.

You want the tools you use the most to be helpful, reliable, and inspiring. Watch sound designer Eli Cohn explore Search to see why he loves the UI design, workflow features like drawing fades and channel select, and built-in creative tools like randomize, varispeed and more.

Search is our new sound library workflow software created to help you find sounds faster and stay in the creative zone. Index and organize your library, rapidly pinpoint sounds via keyword, and drop directly into any editing software.

Watch the video above (please excuse the webcam lag... 😇) and see below for some highlights from Eli's review.

Try it out yourself! Download Search now to start your free 7-day trial:


On the user interface and design...

"It's got a really nice UI...I can see myself working with this program all day long without feeling fatigued from looking at it."

"It's definitely really responsive; it's fast to move around."

On the creative tools...

"If you're sort of feeling stuck, or if you're seeing the same sounds come up at the top of the list, hit the Randomizer button, and it'll give you some new results and a different way of scrolling through the sounds."

"A feature that I really like about Search is your ability to control the speed of a sound, and do it at a much finer detail...and create a whole new sound just by this one feature here."

"It gives you a lot of flexibility within the program itself, before I spot it into Pro Tools, so there are a lot of tools here that you can use as you're auditioning different sounds."

On the workflow features...

"It's got a lot of tools that are going to speed up your workflow and make things a lot easier for you."

"You can draw the fade in right in this program before you bring it in to Pro Tools. So it really saves you time, you don't have to draw the fade in in Pro Tools – it'll spot it right in like that."

"It also allows you to select the channel that you want to import, so if you just want the left side, just hit Track 1...and spot it right into Pro Tools."

"You can actually adjust the metadata very easily. That way I can search for it by 'select,' or 'good,' or whatever the name of the film is, and that will allow me to sort of create a whole category."

On the value...

"At the price point of $99 it's definitely a no-brainer. This is something that every sound designer should pick up."

Eli Cohn

Eli Cohn is a New York City-based sound designer at Nocturnal Sound.