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The Pro Sound Effects Master Library

We are psyched to release what we like to consider an EPIC video of our fully-updated and loaded 1.5 TB Pro Sound Effects Master Library! Here are a few new features and items of note:

  • New Feature! Updated - based on user feedback, we’ve added over 20,000 new sound effects to the Master Library for a total of over 150,000 professional sound effects (that’s 1.5 TeraBytes of hardcore sound effects data)!

  • New Feature! Online Access via the Pro Sound Effects Online Library

  • Updates: delivered quarterly via download link. We like to keep the Master Library and your production resources fresh!

The Master Library is used by top media producers and production companies worldwide, including (but certainly not limited to...) CBS, BBC, Electronic Arts, Nokia, Grey Advertising, Riot Games, Funny or Die, Warner Bros. and beyond!

Should you have any library or licensing needs, please email or call +1 646 706 7728 x10

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